Choosing ISOMEGA means choosing absolutely precise technical and nutritional characteristics. Our low-grain recipe is a unique mix of easily digestible potatoes, tomatoes and corn. It gives energy your pet can use efficiently without side effects such as allergies, food intolerances, digestive or intestinal problems. We have voluntarily given up commonly used carbohydrates such as wheat, barley and rice in order to significantly decrease your pet's glycemic index and thus also decrease risk factors for certain forms of diabetes and obesity of your dog.
The "low-grain" formula also helps limit the problems caused by mycotoxins (produced by harmful and carcinogenic fungi which spread quickly in grains), which often appear in food with a high grain content.
Instead, we opted for a high meat content that maintains the natural diet of your dog, originally a predator, and provide them with food suited to their physique and all the phases of their life.

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